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Synthetic Turf DIY on a Roof Top using AirDrain Drainage

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Synthetic Turf DIY on a Roof Top and a Putting Green using AirDrain Drainage

Just wanted to thank you for the airfield system.  It was easy to install DIY and after watering down the artificial turf quite heavily yesterday it also drains perfectly.  I didn’t have any answers to make my project a reality until I found Airfield.  Thanks!!

I have attached some pics of the project and I thought you might like to know for future reference (if you didn’t already) that normal 1/2” drip tubing (700) fits underneath the tiles completely flush.  I have some pics of what I did with it and part of where the drip tubing is located is underneath the putting green and I can’t feel the drip tubing at all when I walk around above it.  I was able to run drip tubing around the entire floor.  I also placed the putting green directly onto the airfield system and it is a perfect sturdy flat base.

Thanks again!

Mr. Hansen

For more information on how to build your own DIY Synthetic Turf Green Roofing with AirDrain contact AirField Systems at 405-359-3775.