grass Fire Lanes with Airpave grass paver

AirPave is a flexible porous paving and drainage system for grass paver for grass fire lanes, reinforced turf paving, temporary parking, and swales. With approximately 600+ installations across the country AirPave for grass pavers has a strength of 233 psi unfilled, 6747 psi sand filled, and is made of 100% recycled content which can contribute to LEED™ points.

Use enough fertilizer for 2 layers of a federal guaranteed analysis fertilizer needed: One for the subbase to be worked in before compaction and watered. And the other to be added on top of the sand-filled grid and watered in before the turf grass is installed.

We believe if done properly it will set up a grass fire lane project for the best possible result.

AirPave grass paver for grass fire lanes can ship more than 87,780 sqft. per truckload and 798 sqft. per pallet, with each part weighing only 3.1 lbs per 7 sqft.

AirPave grass fire lanes can save the owner up to $0.80 per square foot or more over our competitors. CSI Master Format 32 12 43, 32 9200 and 32 14 43.   

AirPave, grass fire lanes, porous flexible paving
AirPave, grass fire lanes, porous flexible paving , grass paver
AirPave, grass fire lanes, porous flexible paving , grass paver
AirPave, grass fire lanes, porous flexible paving , grass paver

AirpAVE is the premier solution for POROUS FLEXIBLE PAVING and fire lane safety and durability.


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A 40% or more material cost savings over our nearest competitor

Up to 45% cost savings on shipping, compared with rolled paved grass systems.

AirPave has been installed in approximately 400+ flexible porous paving projects including many fire lanes.

100% recycled injection-molded co-polymer polypropylene plastic units with an impact modifier added to achieve a (NO-BREAK) plastics classification and a minimum 3% carbon black added for UV protection.

Loading capability is equal to 233 psi empty capacity and 6,747 psi when filled with clean sharp sand, over an appropriate base depth that provides adequate support for grass fire lane project design loads.

AirPave Paved Grass is shipped palatalized at 7 sq. ft. per part 114 parts per pallet and approximately 795 sq. ft. per pallet. Unit weight = 3.10 lbs, volume = 8% solid.

With approximately 600+ installations enjoy the cost, strength and performance of the AirPave flexible porous paving fire lane system.

AirPave, grass fire lanes, porous flexible paving
Trinity Hospice AirPave Grass Fire Lane 24,000 sqft sand filled at 6,747 psi.
Trinity Hospice Grass Pave Fire Lane 24,000 sqft. Airpave sand filled 6747 psi


Explore the references and specifications that verify AirPave Grass Fire lane results in the field.

*These drawings, specifications and the information contained herein are for general presentation purposes only. All final drawings and layouts should be determined by a licensed engineer(s). HIC & Gmax testing are measured in a lab setting and are not site specific.

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