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AirDrain under Kyle Field at Texas A&M

Sand Based Natural Turf Profile with AirDrain

Pet Relief Area with AirDrain

Grass Pave Fire Lanes

AirPave Grass Paving System (6,747 psi)
• With a 40% or more material cost savings over our nearest competitor and over 1,000 more psi.

• Loading capability is equal to 233 psi (33,552 psf) empty capacity and 6,747 psi (971,568 psf) when filled with clean sharp sand.

• Up to 45% cost savings on shipping, compared with rolled grass paving systems.

• With over 400 installations across North America.

Natural & Synthetic Grass Sportsfield

What Drains Better than Air? AirDrain Delivers 100% Vertical Drainage.
• An AirDrain System's sand profile creates its own perched water table.

• 100% Vertical Drainage under the entire playing surface.

• AirDrain helps create and maintain a constant Gmax for Synthetic Turf.

• AirDrain's shock absorption and shock attenuation reduces joint and ligament strain.

• AirDrain is only limited by the drainage capacity of the profile above it and the exit drains.

• Water harvesting reclamation and reuse is possible.

Green Roofing for Natural & Synthetic Turf

1 inch profile that's 92% air weighing only 0.44 lbs. per sqft. with built in expansion and contraction.
• AirDrain creates and helps maintain a constant Gmax for Artificial Grass.

• Shock absorption reduces the strain on joints and ligaments.

• AirDrain can be reused when the Synthetic Turf must be replaced.

• Can help qualify for LEED and other green building credits.

• Resins can also be made to the following specifications “Flammability UL 94- Flame Retardant, High Impact Polypropylene Copolymer, Black.”

Specifications CAD and BIM Partners