Artificial Grass or Synthetic Turf - a No Rubber Infill Solution

The consistent Gmax and Shock Attenuation properties of the AirDrain system are major contributors to the safety of players and the reduction of concussions. Unlike traditional shock pads or e-layers, AirDrain is 1” high, has 92% air void and 100% vertical drainage. AirDrain’s cost value and performance cannot be matched by any other product in the industry.

Here is the ASTM D4716 Flow Rate per Unit Width and Hydraulic Transmissivity Testing for actual drainage capacity, at an 1/2% slope. The AirDrain will actually drain 171 inches per hour. No other product comes close!

The ASTM D4716 was done with 2 metal plates top and bottom and the grid tilted at a 1/2% slope. This is the only way to be able to claim drainage per hour. Don’t let'em kid ya ! If they don’t have this test, ask them why.

A No Rubber Infill Solution for artificial grass provided for Sports Fields, Play Areas and general purpose use reduces maintenance of the surrounding area of rubber pieces that tend to find their way off the field.

No other product stacks and ships more compactly, reducing the number of trucks and the amount of fuel required to transport to the job site typically to 2 trucks on a 95k sqft. project. Don’t forget shipping costs AirDrain cant be beat !

Installing the AirField System results in a more stable surface area and a more consistent GMAX across the project. AirDrain’s delivers a 14.7% on cement and a 19% reduction on an aggregate base in GMAX. And that reduction and consistency will stay for the life of the field with AirDrain .

AirDrain all but eliminates infill migration and a floating field, and helps brings a consistent GMAX across the entire field. (which can drastically affect the safety of the project putting owners in an extreme liability risk scenario)

The grid allows the turf to be installed in a very efficient manner. With no wrinkles or reflective settlement!

ARTIFICIAL GRASS, SYNTHETIC TURF, airdrain drainage, shockpad
ARTIFICIAL GRASS, SYNTHETIC TURF, airdrain drainage, shockpad
ARTIFICIAL GRASS, SYNTHETIC TURF, airdrain drainage, shockpad
ARTIFICIAL GRASS, SYNTHETIC TURF, airdrain drainage, shockpad

AirDrain is the premier solution for safety and performance on applications without infill.


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AirDrain creates and helps maintain a constant Gmax for Synthetic Grass 

ASTM testing proves AirDrain’s shock absorption properties reduces Gmax

AirDrain creates a 1″ air void allowing for 100% vertical drainage over the whole installation

Patented expansion and contraction built into every part which keeps the grid from buckling, no reports of reflective settlement in 14 years. 

AirDrain is a 100% recycled copolymer with the impact modifier “metallocene” qualifying it as a “No Break” plastic

AirDrain is only limited by the drainage capacities of the profile above and the exit drains below

Minimal site disturbance / Far less excavation and disposal

AirDrain will reduce overall shipping and storage costs 

AirDrain can be reused when the synthetic turf is replaced

Hundreds of installations since 2002 have enjoyed the cost savings, strength and performance of the AirDrain™ drainage system.


Explore the references and specifications that verify AirDrain drainage results in the field.

*These drawings, specifications and the information contained herein are for general presentation purposes only. All final drawings and layouts should be determined by a licensed engineer(s). HIC & Gmax testing are measured in a lab setting and are not site specific.