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Synthetic Turf Drainage with GMAX and HIC

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AirDrainWhat drains better than Air?

Synthetic Grass Turf Drainage

The consistent Gmax and Shock Attenuation properties of the AirDrain are major contributors to the safety of your players and the reduction of concussions.

Unlike traditional shock pads or e-layers AirDrain is 1” high has a 92% air void and a 100% vertical drainage rate. AirDrain’s performance cannot be matched by any other product in the industry.

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AirDrain reduces Gmax by approximately per ASTM Testing  

  • 18.9% on a gravel subbase and 14.7% on a concrete subbase

Some of the Benefits of an AirField Synthetic Turf Drainage System include:

  • AirDrain creates and helps maintain a constant Gmax for Synthetic Turf
  • ASTM testing proves AirDrain’s shock absorption properties reducing GMAX
  • Only needs a .25% slope for effective drainage
  • Patented expansion and contraction built into every part
  • AirDrain is only limited by the drainage capacity of the profile above it and the exit drains capacity
  • AirDrain can be reused multiple times when the synthetic turf must be replaced

Green Roofing – Synthetic or Natural Turf

With limited space on campus, high schools and colleges are turning to roof top sports surfaces to create multi- use green areas.

Building a rooftop sports field with an AirField System provides drainage under 100% of the playing surface, prevents ponding, and moves water efficiently for reuse elsewhere on campus.

Over 2,000,000 square feet of AirDrain Drainage roof top drainage installed and counting.

Natural Turf- Chesapeake Energy 74,000 sqft.
Synthetic Turf- LACC “LA Community College” 95,000 sqft., MSOE “Milwaukee School of Engineering” 100,000sqft., UCSD “University of California in San Diego” 80,000 sqft., WPI “Worcester Polytechnics Institute” 174,000 sqft.
Binghamton High School 47,000 sqft.
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AirDrain creates and helps maintain a consistent Gmax for Synthetic Grass 

  • ASTM testing proves AirDrain’s shock absorption properties reduce GMAX
  • AirDrain can be reused when the Synthetic Turf must be replaced
  • Can help qualify for LEED™ and other green building credits
  • A smaller carbon and development footprint with reduced site disturbance
  • Water harvesting reclamation and reuse is easy
  • AirDrain creates a one inch air barrier on the rooftop increasing R-values.
  • AirDrain is a 100% recycled copolymer with the impact modifier “metallocene”.
  • Resins can be made to the following specification “Flammability UL 94, Flame Retardant, High Impact Polypropylene Copolymer Resins”

Playground Drainage – 6ft. and 8ft. Fall Height w/o Rubber Infill

AirDrain with its 100% vertical drainage and 92% air void is designed to collect and re-direct water. AirDrain actually raises the entire profile 1” off the subbase and brings gravity into play allowing the area to dry quickly and efficiently.

No more monthly infill maintenance, after a heavy rain and no more expense of replacing lost rubber to your site providing a more consistent surface area. Resulting in a site that should drain and have a consistent HIC across the entire playground.

For playgrounds the AirDrain System is placed on the prepared subbase. Whether using loose fill products, such as engineered wood fiber or rubber chips, or using unitary surfaces, such as rubber tiles or poured in place rubber, the playground area needs proper water drainage.

Wood chips can be placed directly on top of the geotextile. The filter fabric retains the wood chip particles while allowing water to freely enter the drainage core.

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*This drawing, specifications and the information contained herein is for general presentation purposes only. All final drawings and layouts should be determined by a licensed engineer(s). HIC & Gmax testing are measured in a lab setting and are not site specific.

Benefits of an AirField AirDrain playground drainage system include:

  • AirDrain raises the entire profile 1” off the subbase and brings gravity into play
  • AirDrain’s 92% air-void space for fast and easy water removal
  • Consistent HIC and Gmax for the life of the AirDrain providing a safe play area
  • 100% post industrial recycled content
  • AirDrain’s quick snap connectors allows for effortless installation
  • Minimal site disturbance, far less excavation and disposal
  • Compact shipping reducing transportation costs

For K9 Areas: Pet Playgrounds, Dog Runs, Kennels and More…..

Tried and true with over 1,100 + K9 areas installed, AirDrain K9 Drainage by AirField Systems is the ideal synthetic grass drainage system used in pet relief areas dog day care facilities, pet playgrounds, airport dog potties and general use common areas, for dogs and pets all across America.

Made with 100% post industrial recycled content AirField uses the highest quality materials for the AirDrain Geocell. With a 92% air void underneath your artificial turf, you are able to wash away any unwanted waste left behind if needed by installing a flushing system around the perimeter of the  the grid. This system is easily installed and attaches to any water source with inexpensive pvc piping.

Low cost, easy to install, do it yourself drainage, makes AirDrain the ideal synthetic drainage system for pet areas, kennels, dog boarding, pet facilities, dog parks, vet clinics, and even in your own backyard.

K9 areas are installed every day in public and private facilities across the world. Whether you utilize natural or artificial turf, the AirField System is a stress-free way to turn any common space into a fun place for people and their K9 friends.

No more worrying about expensive and destructive gravel drainage and no problems with waste being left behind.

An AirField AirDrain Drainage System is the easiest and fastest way to install a K9 recreation area.

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Benefits of an AirField AirDrain K9 Area include:

•100% post manufactured recycled content

  • 92% air-void for fast and easy waste removal to flush daily
  • AirDrain’s quick snap connectors allows for effortless installation
  • Minimal site disturbance, far less excavation and disposal
  • Compact shipping reducing transportation costs, AirDrain can last through multiple turf replacements
  • Over 1,100 + K9 areas installed around the world in the last 21 years all working perfectly!

Please contact us with any questions that you might have. 405-359-3775

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