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Natural Turf Drainage at Kyle Field with the AirDrain Agronomic System

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AirField Systems is proud to be a part of the new Texas A&M Kyle Field renovation with our AirDrain Agronomic Natural Turf Drainage. AirField Systems and Texas A&M have a long history of top of the line natural turf sports fields with the first of 4 fields installed in 2002.

The AirDrain System is now installed in Olsen Field Baseball Stadium, Ellis Field Soccer Stadium, Aggie Field Softball Stadium and now Kyle Field Football Stadium making 4 of the best in the nation natural turf sports fields at one NCAA University.

The AirDrain System is also the #1 ranked natural turf football field in the NFL since 2007 the University of Phoenix Stadium home of the Arizona Cardinals.

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It was concluded thru a research project conducted at Texas A&M University that irrigation needs can be reduced by using AirField Systems AirDrain Agronomic Natural Turf Drainage System. This five year research project was jointly funded by the United States Golf Association and AirField Systems, and was a collaborative effort between Texas A&M University, AirField Systems and the United States Golf Association.

The data from the research showed that the AirField Systems drainage profile provided up to 3 more days of plant available water than a United States Golf Association recommended gravel and sand profile.

Click here for more information about the study titled “A Comparison of Water Drainage and Storage in Putting Greens Built Using Airfield Systems and USGA Methods of Construction”.

Benefits of an AirField System Design include:

• up to 3 more days of plant available water stored in the root zone (depending on climate)
• Significantly reduces daily irrigation needs (as told to us by our customers)
• Healthier turf / stronger root system (as told to us by our customers)
• 100% Vertical Drainage under the entire playing surface
• AirDrain is a 100% recycled copolymer which has the impact modifier “metallocene” added to it for qualification as a “No Break” plastic, making it able to withstand extreme heat and cold and still maintain performance
• Helps eliminate standing water / simplifies maintenance (as told to us by our customers)
• Minimal site disturbance / far less excavation and disposal
• Several installation days are saved over a gravel installation
• Compact shipping which reduces overall storage and transportation costs
• AirDrain System sand profiles create its own perched water table

Please contact AirField Systems for more information or questions you may have.