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AirField Systems, LLC AirDrain Awarded Patent for expansion and contraction.

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Airfield Systems, LLC of Oklahoma City,  Oklahoma was awarded U.S. patent #7,108,454 for a revolutionary latching system that connects geogrids for use in porous paving, containment, watershed management, erosion control, green roofing and sports field applications.

“We’re very pleased to be recognized for innovation.” Said Charles Blackwood, CEO and inventor of the patented latch mechanism. “We strive to provide the ultimate geogrid for the widest variety of applications. With this and many other  patents, we are prepared not only to bring our designs to the market, but to protect them.”

This new latch design allows the incredibly durable, yet light weight geogrid to be installed in record time, by people of nearly any physical capacity, in every imaginable location.

About Airfield Systems, LLC
Airfield Systems is a world leader in innovative geogrid products and synthetic drainage solutions for modern construction. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma since 2003, Airfield is building a global sales network of recognized professionals in the green building industry.

For over a decade, AirField Systems has designed and manufactured the most advanced geocell product for modern construction. Made in America of 100% post-manufactured content, AirDrain and AirPave from AirField Systems are the superior choices for:

Sports field drainage
Golf drainage
Porous paving
Grass pavers
Grass fire lanes
Green roofing
K9 areas
Equine applications
Flat marker stabilization
Many more

AirPave Grass Paver System

Previously, drainage cells were difficult to assemble, costly to ship, and extremely expensive. Now, with AirPave’s patented quick connectors, assembly is a snap. What’s more, the AirPave geocell stacks for efficient shipping and storage. All of this at an incredible price makes AirPave the superior geocell for any porous paving project.

From fire lanes, overflow, and event parking, to temporary and stadium parking, the AirPave grass pave system delivers. The incredibly strong AirPave geocell prevents rutting from traffic and protects turf roots from damage.

AirPave also enhances the environment by naturally filtering auto and air pollutants while reducing hot surface temperatures. By routing rainwater directly into the earth as nature intended, the need for costly storm water structures can be drastically reduced or completely eliminated.
Create beauty and comfort with the unbeatable price and performance of an AirPave grass pave system.

AirPave Grass Paver Product Overview:

AirPave can save the owner up to $0.80 per square foot or more over our competitors. Fertilizer included with a Guaranteed Analysis
Up to 40% cost savings on shipping, compared with rolled grass paver systems
AirPave has been installed in over 400 projects
100% recycled injection-molded copolymer polypropylene plastic units with an impact modifier added to achieve a (NO-BREAK) plastic classification and a minimum 3% carbon black added for UV protection
Loading capability is equal to 233 psi empty capacity and 6,747 psi when filled with sand, over an appropriate base depth that provides adequate support for project design loads.
AirPave is shipped palletized at 7 sq. ft. per part 114 parts per pallet and approximately 795 sq. ft. per pallet. Unit weight = 3.10 lbs, volume = 8% solid

AirDrain Drainage System

AirField Systems AirDrain grid creates a GMAX/HIC that is consistent across the entire synthetic playing surface. Unlike traditional shock pads or e-layers the AirField Systems AirDrain grid is 1″ high, extremely light weight at 3.1 lbs per 7 sqft., 233 psi (unfilled) and has a 92% air void, giving it unmatched vertical and lateral drainage. AirDrain also creates it’s own perched water table on the bottom of the 11″ sand profile to promote healthy root growth for natural turf surfaces. The five year research project was jointly funded by the United States Golf Association and AirField Systems and was a collaborative effort between Texas A&M

Benefits of an AirField System Design include:

1 to 3 more days of plant available water stored in the root zone (depending on climate)
Significantly reduces daily irrigation needs (as told to us by our customers)
Healthier turf / Stronger root system (as told to us by our customers)
100% Vertical Drainage under the entire playing surface
AirDrain creates and helps maintain a constant Gmax for Synthetic Turf fields
Consistent Gmax and Shock Attenuation can reduce the risk of head injury
Helps eliminate standing water / Simplifies maintenance (as told to us by our customers)
Minimal site disturbance / Far less excavation and disposal
Several Installation days are saved over a gravel installation
An AirDrain System sand profile creates its own perched water table without peat moss or clay