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AirDrain Synthetic Grass Drainage is a 100% Vertical Drainage Layer

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Synthetic Grass Drainage with AirDrain is a 100% Vertical Drainage Layer and Shock Pad with NO EQUAL on Rooftops, Concrete or Asphalt

 AirDrain brings consistent Gmax and shock attenuation properties, which is a major contributor to the reduction of concussions and the safety for your users.

If your field floats, has ponding or infill migration (which is an extreme player safety and owner liability issue) and you can’t figure out why, maybe it’s because they said it would drain X amount per hour and in reality it doesn’t and never will.

Those issues don’t get better they get worse! Countless hours in added maintenance and grooming, adding materials etc. etc. what’s the cost of that every month?

AirDrain’s unique ability to provide immediate 100% vertical drainage with it’s 1″ high and 92% air void across the entire field. Helps keep the infill in place and all but eliminates infill migration and reduces field maintenance.

Unlike traditional shock pads or e-layers the AirDrain has a vertical and lateral drainage rate. That cannot be matched by any other product in the industry.

ASTM D 4716 Hydraulic Transmissivity Standard Test Method

To put this in perspective of rainfall, AirDrain can handle anything that Mother Nature throws at it. On a nearly completely flat surface (1/2% slope) AirDrain will drain 2.85 inches of rainfall in one minute.

For example, it could rain over 171 inches in an hour and AirDrain could drain it on a 1/2% slope. AirDrain can also hold .576 gallons of water per sqft. if needed until it can evacuate to the perimeter exit drains.

No other product on the market comes close to AirDrain’s ability to drain a project, it’s not even close.

ASTM F355-10a: Standard Test Methods for Shock-Absorbing Properties of Playing Surface Systems and Materials results:

Approximately a 14.7% reduction in GMAX over a cement/asphalt subbase.

Installed atop a sealed court surface the AirDrain Synthetic Grass Drainage System raises the turf off the base allowing the area to be used immediately after a rain occurrence.

The AirDrain System is only limited by the draining ability of the turf above and the exit drain needing only a .5% slope. That is usually already present on rooftops, concrete or asphalt tennis courts etc. to allow the water to flow to the designated drain.

With multiple variations of installation profiles available to accommodate fall height requirements and ASTM tested up to 9ft.

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