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Water Harvesting and Reclamation made simple with AirField Systems AirDrain

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Whether it’s a single sports field, a sports field complex, a golf course, or municipal landscaping, it’s time to begin water harvesting.  Water allocations are at an all time low, and that trend will continue.  Many facilities are sacrificing landscaping to keep sports fields alive, or simply not receiving enough water to do either.

An AirField System allows you to get more out of the water you have while it’s in use, and then reuse what is left over.  WIth a one inch void below the entire surface of a field or green, water is quickly routed to retention ponds or underground harvesting tanks for treatment or later use.  Taking rain water and paid-for sprinkler water further by collecting it is fantastic, but AirField also allows you to use your water more efficiently.

That means you save and utilize water every way you can, lowering the total environmental impact of your facility while saving money, and avoiding continued problems due to lack of water.

Cut Your Green Irrigation by up to 40% or More

The daily volume of water required for an average golf course is 400,000 gallons.  That’s over 145,000,000 gallons of water per year.  With drastic reductions in water allocation today, what will tomorrow bring?  Green building with the AirField System creates up to an additional 3 days of plant available water compared to a gravel drainage profile, and allows you to reclaim water for later use.

AirField Systems geocell drainage keeps up with busy municipal courses, as well as some of the most prestigious courses in the country.

  • Healthier turf and stronger roots less mold and  desease, since organics are nit needed
  • Less frequent irrigation due to creating its own almost perfect water table
  • Reduced damage and loss of play.
  • Reduced site disturbance during installation.
  • Dramatically lower carbon footprint and sustainable site impact.

Call us today at (405) 359-3775 to discuss talking your course to the next level, and avoiding the water allocation issues in your area.