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Synthetic Turf Rooftop Drainage done DIY

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DIY Synthetic Turf Rooftop with AirDrain by AirField Systems

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Here’s a DIY project for the experienced and the inexperienced alike!

    Synthetic Turf Green Roofing is not only pleasing to the eye it brings to life a whole new outdoor living area to your home or office. Synthetic turf rooftops and balconies are becoming more and more popular as people are trying to bring the outdoors home, whether it be for entertaining guests or having a quiet retreat away from the busy world below green roofs fit the bill.

AirDrain provides a 1″ air void lifting the synthetic grass off of the rooftop and provides 100% vertical drainage with it’s 92% void space allowing for up to 40 gpm to flow to the exit drain. See how it works in just a few quick photos.

AirDrain brings a 233 psi and a 15% reduction in GMAX. So it is fantastic to walk on and that will last for the life of the project.

The AirDrain will hold its performance for multiple multiple turf replacements. And has no equal in the cost shipping department.

 No other product in the industry brings to the table what AirDrain does, period !