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AirPave Paved Grass Fire Lane installed in Commerce Township, MI

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AirPave Paved Grass Fire Lane installed in Commerce Township Michigan

AirPave is a flexible porous paving system for paved grass fire lane, reinforced turf paving and swales. With over 400+ installations in the ground. Exceeding H-20 & H-25 requirements the AirPave is 233 psi unfilled, 6747 psi sand filled and is made of 100% recycled content which can contribute to LEED™ points.

AirPave ships more efficiently than any other product on the market, 798 sqft. per pallet. Each part weighs only 3.1 lbs.

One layer for the sub base to be worked in before compaction and watered.

The 2nd layer to be added on top of the sand filled AirPave grid, and watered in before the grass is installed.

We believe if done properly it will help set up the project for the best possible result.

AirPave can save the owner up to $0.80 per square foot or more over our competitors. In a cost value performance proposition the best product for your project and your bottom line!

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The AirPave Advantage

Benefits of an AirPave grass paver system includes:

  • A 40% or more material cost savings over our nearest competitor and over 1,000 more PSI
  • Up to 45% cost savings on shipping, compared with rolled grass paver systems
  • AirPave has been installed in over 400+ flexible porous paving projects
  • 100% recycled injection-molded co-polymer polypropylene plastic units with an impact modifier added to achieve a (NO-BREAK) plastics classification and a minimum 3% carbon black added for UV protection
  • Loading capability is equal to 233 psi empty capacity and 6,747 psi when filled with clean sharp sand, over an appropriate base depth that provides adequate support for project design loads.
  • AirPave is shipped palatalized at 7 sqft. per part 114 parts per pallet and approximately 795 sqft. per pallet. Unit weight = 3.10 lbs, volume = 8% solid

AirPave not only saves you money on material costs and shipping. It brings better performance than other porous flexible pavers to your project. Compare and SAVE for your paved grass fire lane!

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