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AirDrain for Synthetic Turf Rooftop with Uplift Prevention

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Green Roofing – AirDrain Synthetic Turf with Uplift Prevention

AirDrain is incredibly strong at 233psi empty, which equals 33,552 pounds per square foot and creates a 92% air void and drains approximately 171 inches per hour at a 1/2% slope.

While being able to drain rainfall very very quickly. The AirDrain System can also hold or retain approximately .576 gallons of water per square foot if needed, until it can be evacuated. A great asset to have in a torrential downpour.

This can allow for compliance with local city, county and/or state water retention regulations that can limit the amount of storm water exits into municipal storm water drainage systems from the roof.

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Benefits of AirField in a green roofing system include:

• AirDrain is easy to trim, making runner and perimeter boards fit perfectly into the AirDrain rooftop drainage system.
• 1” high composite runner boards fit perfectly flush with AirDrain panels. This makes strategically positioning the runner boards on        the roof in perpendicular or various configurations easy to achieve.
• Synthetic turf can be glued and secured with screws and washers to the composite runner boards across the rooftop virtually        eliminating any danger of uplift from wind!
• AirDrain’s 1″ inch air void installed on a rooftop with A/C and Heat below brings an excellent insulation factor to the rooftop    mimicking a thermal pained window. The sun does not directly hit the rooftop which can add life expectancy to the roof  itself.
• Our customers have told to us that the snow melts off their rooftops faster than the surrounding landscape because of the inch of air  below.
• Water harvesting reclamation and reuse is easy
• Pallets at 32″ x 32” will fit into a standard sized elevator for easy transport to the roof.
• AirDrain can be reused when the Synthetic Turf must be replaced multiple times.