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The Benefits of AirDrain

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Through years of technological advancements in the synthetic turf industry. Drainage systems have come a long way in their performance and design. A new design that showcases these advancements and something that everyone should have for their turf. Economical and easy to install. Geocell drainage grid that creates a 1-inch, 92% air void underneath your artificial grass installation.

Bringing a 14.7 % reduction in GMAX on cement and 19.6% on aggregate with a 233 psi. 100% vertical and horizontal drainage. No other product on the market today comes close!

What is AirDrain
Made from 100% post manufactured recycled copolymer. Which has an impact modifier added to make it qualify as a “No Break” plastic. This impact modifier allows it to withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures while maintaining its performance. And allows a continuous movement of air to flow through the turf, the surface temperature will always be cool.

Like any artificial turf installation proper drainage is a crucial factor. Executing an efficient and functioning synthetic grass installation. AirDrain’s optimal drainage capabilities include holding .576 gallons of water per square foot. Elevating the artificial turf above the subgrade to allow air to circulate and water to pass through efficiently.

It’s vertical and lateral drainage eliminates standing water and unwanted moisture that could be trapped underneath the artificial turf. Works great for residential installations and ideal for pet areas/kennels, playgrounds, and rooftops.   

Pet Areas
With pet installations it separates the synthetic grass from the concrete and directs the waste to a predetermined drainage exit. Reducing odor levels and prevent a buildup of any bacteria. AirDrain helps provide pet facilities, dog parks, and vet clinics. Economical and very easy to install !

Playground installations require permeable surfaces to allow for proper and safe drainage. AirDrain offers 100% vertical drainage and has a 92% void which allows water to be collected and drain effectively. AirDrain raises the entire profile a full inch. Allowing gravity to remove the water from the whole playground quickly and efficiently. This combined effect provides a more stable surface area, reduced expenses for repairs, and more play time for kids!

The AirDrain Geocell is extremely lightweight. Only 3.1 pounds per 7 square feet, making it the ideal drainage medium for green rooftop applications. AirDrain Geocell has patented expansion and contraction connectors built-in. And can add valuable LEED points to any green roofing project!

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse. We make it our priority to provide our clients with the highest rated artificial turf products in the industry. We continue to be innovators. In the field of synthetic grass, and strive to create products that push the boundaries of what synthetic grass can do.

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