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Synthetic Turf Roof Top Sports Field Binghamton, NY H.S. with AirDrain

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AirDrain Synthetic Turf Rooftop Sports Field Drainage and GMAX in One!  

An Article about Binghamton HS Artificial Turf Rooftop Sports Field from Landscape Management Magazine… What drains better than air ? 

BINGHAMTON, NY — Binghamton High School needed a multi-purpose artificial turf sports field on top of a parking garage in 2009, and Airfield Systems AirDrain delivered the lightest, strongest, most efficient synthetic grass roof top drainage solution available today.


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AirDrain Synthetic Turf Rooftop Sports Field Drainage


At 3 lbs./7 sq. ft. and rated at over 33,500 lbs./sq.ft. regardless of the location. roof top fields are gaining popularity, and Binghamton is utilizing 47,000 sq. ft. of valuable artificial turf playing surface on top of a parking garage without having to expand the grounds.

Bryan Humiston of Play Safe Turf and Track located in Ithaca, NY, a 20-year veteran of sports field installations and installer of the artificial turf project said ” The product arrived and installed perfectly no issues, creating a field with playability and drainage second to none. We would be excited about installing the product on any project in the future.”

Binghamton’s synthetic turf field is a sustainable site design with a small development footprint, keeping water weight off the structure and preventing rain outs or puddling. Airfield’s AirDrain is a 100% recycled drainage cell that is also recyclable for the owner at the end of its useful life.

AirDrain can be reused under multiple synthetic grass replacements for the same field.

AirField Systems, LLC manufactures AirDrain, an advanced geocell drainage system for golf, sports fields, green roofs, grass fire lanes and porous paving, said the company in this news release describing the project.