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Synthetic Grass AirDrain Drainage Installer Performance Update

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Synthetic Grass AirDrain Drainage Installer Performance Update

From: Nick Ogilvie [] Sent: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 8:28 PM
To: Michael Bean <>
Subject: FW: AirField Drainage Grid

From: Nick Ogilvie
Subject: AirField Drainage Grid

Michael with AirField wanted me to give you an honest opinion of their product on some various issues.  I have installed the  AirField AirDrain System for around 4 years with over a 100,000 sqft. installed by my crews and I.

First Concern on too much movement panels shifting and overlapping etc.:

I have installed many sports and dog facilities with this product.  No problems with shifting on my installs. Overlapping is impossible because of the locking system when installing the product.  If installed correctly to their specs you should have no issues.  Start left to right with bottom left having the yellow tab, pull tightly and that is it.

Second Concern can feel product under foot:

I have installed several rooftop and patio areas where there are several furniture pieces and people with various types of shoes have walked on the product. They have had no issues whatsoever on “feeling” the airdrain beneath the turf surface.

Final Concern cannot get too aggressive when cleaning the turf:

All of the pet places I have installed clean the turf on a daily basis if not maybe twice a day and have had no problem with anything shifting to my knowledge.


To be honest with you, if you install the product correctly you should have no problem.  This product is the easiest to install, that is why I chose it.  Save time and money.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me on my cell phone as I will be traveling the rest of the week.




Nick Ogilvie

Owner – Artificial Turf Installations Of Florida



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