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Natural Turf 74,000 sqft. Rooftop Sportsfield at Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City follow up Install Letter from Total Environment

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AirDrain Agronomic Natural Turf Rooftop Sports Field


I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the natural grass performance of the AirField Systems Natural Turf AirDrain Agronomic System that we have installed for Chesapeake Energy. Both the Car Park Rooftop and Building 14 installs are performing better than expected. We were able to achieve more than 6” of root growth in 100 plus degree weather during the first 5 weeks after the grass was installed on the Car Park Field.

The perched water table provided by the AirDrain Agronomic Drainage allows for extremely deep root growth and a strong healthy turf for the safety and performance of the athletes.

The AirDrain Natural Turf System installed quickly and easily. We staged the pallets per your instructions and installed the parts per your “AirDrain Proper Sequencing and Orientation Guide.” We haven’t had any rainouts or standing water on the field regardless of the size of the rain occurrences.

In closing, you have a fantastic product, with exceptional performance and value. See you in 3 weeks on our next project together.

Best Regards,

Nathan Burks

Total Environment, Inc.

16301 N. Rockwell

Edmond, OK 73013


Email: Nathan.Burks@totalinc.com

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