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AirDrain Green Roof Pet Relief Area at Gallery 515 Luxury Apartments

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AirDrain Green Roof Dog Pet Relief Area at Gallery 515 Luxury Apartments

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Thanks for your help on your Airdrain for our rooftop dog park for a pet relief area at Gallery 400 (400 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO)

We have a new project underway that we’d like to replicate and expand on the 400 project.

New project dimensions are 35 feet x 32 feet and a possible walkway of 32 feel by 5.5 feet

This is the 2nd AirDrain pet area that they have added to their buildings.

Gallery 515 Luxury Apartments

Brandonview LLC @ The Millennium Center

515 Olive Street    Suite # 106

St. Louis, MO 63101

314.421.4500 Office

314.480.7169 Fax


Click the link  below to take a video tour of our building:


Green Roof K9 Pet Relief Area – What drains better than air ! 

     AirDrain geocell has patented expansion and contraction connectors built into the part and can add valuable LEED points to any green roofing project with a unique and extremely easy to install assembly design and 100% post-manufactured recycled content.

AirDrain brings a 15% reduction in GMAX on cement, making it excellent to walk on. As good as any 1″ pad on the market. 

The plastic in the grid is rated at 50+ years and is 100% recycled made in the USA. And will last through multiple turf replacements.    

Lightweight at only 3.1 pounds per 7 square feet, with a rating 33,552 psf, AirDrain is the ideal drainage medium for rooftop applications whether decorative or in constant use.

     Move water rapidly or capture it for retention with AirDrain 92% air void and 400 hundred drainage notches per side it’s easy.

No other product stacks and ships more compactly, reducing the number of trucks and the amount of fuel required to transport to the green roof job site.

No other product comes close !