AirDrain Playground Drainage and Shockpad

White Paper on the Gaps in the AirDrain Cups

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Whenever you lay artificial turf on top of AirDrain it’s the same principle as installing carpet. It is stretched and attached to the perimeter boarder, similar to carpet installation. The artificial turf, typically has a 50-80 ounce polyurethane backer.

You will be adding between 1.5 – 3 lbs. of infill for ballast. Given that scenario, you’ll never feel what’s below the turf because the depth of the infill will not transfer down to the grid below the turf.

Since 2002, Airfield Systems has thousands of installs, to this date Airfield Systems has not received one call with a “gap” issue.

AirDrain 8% solid is unmatched don’t let’em kid ya! AirDrain is the only way to go Period ! Don’t forget about a 15-20 % reduction in GMAX. I’ll put AirDrain up against any 1″ pad in the industry any day of the week in 3rd party testing bring it! AirDrain brings a massive 233 psi.

Don’t get sold a bill of goods that doesn’t come close to performance of AirDrain made in the USA!

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever do not hesitate to call me at 405-361-2287

Michael T. Bean
Director of Sales
Airfield Systems, LLC