Artificial Grass Installed with AirDrain Drainage on Cement

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Artificial Grass Installed with AirDrain Drainage on Cement

Another completed project using Shawgrass and AirField Systems AirDrain Drainage grid in Memphis TN.

AirDrain brings a shock attenuation for the life of the project, an ASTM tested approximate 15%  – 19% reduction in GMAX. The health of your dogs is as important as the health of players on a sports field. No other product has that combination it’s not even close!

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Over the years, many architects and engineers have asked us just how fast will the AirDrain grid drain.  Our reply has always been that the AirDrain is only limited by what is above it and the exit drains.  Due to the fact that the area of an AirDrain part is 1” inch high and has a 92% air void.

Recently, our AirDrain grid was tested using the ASTM D 4716 Hydraulic Transmissivity Standard Test Method. The testing was done using plates on top and bottom of the AirDrain part, setting them to the required slope and adding water from the high side of one end down the slope. AirDrain was draining so fast they had to modify their testing equipment to accommodate the volume of water AirDrain could move!

As it turns out there is practically no resistance to drainage using the AirDrain grid?  The most important factor to consider is the percentage of slope that the AirDrain is sitting on.

To put this in perspective of rainfall, AirDrain can handle anything that Mother Nature throws at it.  On a nearly completely flat surface (1/2% slope) AirDrain will drain 2.85 inches of rainfall in one minute. 

For example, it could rain over 171 inches in an hour and AirDrain could horizontally drain it on a 1/2% slope. AirDrain can also hold .578 gallons of water per sqft. if needed until it can evacuate to the perimeter exit drains.

No other product on the market comes close to AirDrain’s ability to drain a project, it’s not even close.

So when you see the claims of manufacturers rainfall per hour drainage, ask them if they have the test that really shows a products real world drainage capacity. There are 2 sides to drainage vertical and horizontal, can you vertically drain it and can it then move horizontally to the exit drain. 

Made with 100% post industrial recycle content AirField uses the highest quality materials for the AirDrain Geocell. With a 1 inch high 92% air void space underneath your synthetic turf.

You are able to wash away any unwanted waste left behind if needed by installing a flushing system around the perimeter of the grid.

This system is easily installed and attaches to any water source with inexpensive pvc or rubber piping.

Installer: BeachBumTurf