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Green Roof a Natural Turf Rooftop Sports Field Chesapeake Energy’s 74,000 sqft.

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Natural Grass Agronomic AirDrain Drainage on Rooftop Sports Field at Chesapeake Energy’s 74,000 sqft.


Chesapeake Energy is the second-largest producer of natural gas in North America, a Top 15 producer of oil and natural gas liquids and the most active driller of new wells in the country. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the company’s operations are focused on discovering and developing unconventional natural gas and onshore oil fields in the U.S.

Chesapeake is in the midst of creating a central hub, “Chesapeake Campus” as CEO Aubrey McCLendon refers to it, on the NW corner of Oklahoma City. Centered in the middle of Chesapeake Campus is a 75,000 square foot natural grass rooftop athletic field built on top of Chesapeake’s new 3 level parking garage. Sporting events, social gatherings, concerts and much more is what this new wonder of Oklahoma City offers.

Chesapeake’s rooftop athletic field, designed by Elliott + Associates Architects, constructed by Smith & Pickel, and installed by Total Environment, not only brings aesthetic appeal to the streets of Oklahoma City, green roofing is a fantastic way to reduce the heat island effect of urban areas and capture storm water while creating enjoyable space for residents and employees. The environmental impact of a green roof is undeniable, adding significantly to the LEED Point system designed by the USGBC in all five major areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. Green roofing replaces the green space displaced by a building, prevents excess storm water drainage, reduces the temperature of a building and the urban heat island effect, protects and extends the useful life of a roof, and reduces energy demands.

Utilizing the AirField System as the drainage layer in a green roof design allows a complete inch of water storage space beneath the entire surface plus it is incredibly strong and light weight. The AirField AirDrain geocell is also easy to work with, install and fashion in unique layouts.

What’s more, a green roof incorporating AirDrain means your design includes renewable, recycled, and locally obtained materials. We know you have a choice in designing a green roof, and we hope you consider the many benefits of AirDrain. Build a better green roof with AirField. Some Benefits of AirField in a green roofing system include: 100% vertical drainage under entire surface, 100% post manufactured recycled material, rapid water movement, minimal site disturbance, fast installation, light weight, incredible load bearing strength test at an empty 233 PSI/ 33,552 PSF.

The list of major sustainable projects for AirField Systems of Oklahoma keeps growing and includes Chesapeake’s Central Park, Chesapeake’s Building # 14 rooftop, Whittier Middle School’s natural grass fire lane and Oklahoma State Cowboys T. Boone Picken’s Stadium’s game field along with hundreds of sustainable projects nationally.

Total Environment Inc. is a Design-Build-Maintain company specializing in comprehensive landscape services for discriminating clients in the residential and commercial arena. The all-inclusive array of services and products that Total Environment provides is unequaled in the industry, in addition they also provide the ultimate in customer service.

Highly skilled Account Managers from Universities in Oklahoma and across the country, oversee the properties daily, insuring impeccable success rates for installations and maintenance that is second to none. Projects span a broad range – from the installation of state of the art athletic fields to period landscapes, Total Environment is on top of the industry game.

Seasonal displays of color, professionally designed and installed, enhance their properties and are always the ‘talk of the town’ every spring, summer, fall and winter. Christmas season, thanks to Total Environment ace lighting crews and its very generous clients, create a Winter Wonderland … always an incredible gift to Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities at large.

Ty T. Hartwig, President of Total Environment, shares a favorite motto with his beloved Oklahoma City, “Labor omnia vincit” – which translates to “Labor Conquers All Things!” – a personal philosophy that molded the company into what it is today.


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AirDrain drainage after 2 inches of rain in the morning the rain just stopped, perfect !



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