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Artificial Grass AirDrain Reinforced Turf Install with Celebrity Greens

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Artificial Grass AirDrain Reinforced Turf Install with Celebrity Greens at Asher Park, CA

Here you go Trey,

The Artificial Grass Job turned out great! Guys had no problem with it.  Thank you for your help!

Jim Blakley

Design and Sales


Builders of Exceptional Outdoor Living

mobile: 760-895-7192

License #656128

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Flexible porous paving and drainage system for grass pave fire lanes, reinforced turf paving and swales. With over 400+ installations across the country AirPave for Grass Pave is 233 psi unfilled, 6747 psi sand filled.

And is made of 100% recycled content which can contribute to LEED™ points.