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Paver Base and Planter Drainage AirDrain Project in OKC 19k sqft.

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Paver Base and Planter Drainage AirDrain Project in the Downtown Area coming to OKC, OK

19k sqft.

When it comes to problems with planters, especially large ones, an AirDrain planter system is your best bet. Using AirDrain in the bottom of large planters can insure a planter never clogs. During large downpours, soils will be contained and excess rain water can quickly be moved to a collection point or exit pipes.

In colder areas frost heave can be minimized by using AirDrain grid on the bottom and the sides of planters. The one inch air void provides room for frost heave and thaw and helps prevent freezing water from expanding and damaging or breaking the planters.

Another advantage to using AirDrain is that more plant available water will be stay in the planters longer, this lessens the need for more frequent irrigation.

Part of a six year study at Texas A&M have shown up to a 40% reduction in irrigation needs.  


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