natural grass, natural turf, usga turf drainage

Natural Grass Soccer Field Texas A&M since 2002 performing perfectly!

MichaelBean golf course, Green Roof, natural grass, natural turf, Sports Field

Natural Grass Ellis Soccer Field at Texas A&M since 2002 and still performing perfectly!

Make no mistake the AirDrain Natural Grass Drainage System, brings excellence and performance to the table that can’t be matched by any product on any level!

  1. Ellis Field is almost ready for the new hybrid Bermuda pitch to be laid down this week.

    natural grass, natural turf, usga turf drainage

    No other system comes close in ease of install, price value player safety and performance! 

    Up to a 40% reduction in irrigation for natural grass drainage in fields ! 

    Here is the ASTM D4716 Flow Rate per Unit Width and Hydraulic Transmissivity Testing for actual drainage capacity, at a 1/2% slope. The AirDrain will actually drain 171 inches per hour.

    The ASTM D4716 was done with 2 metal plates top and bottom and the grid tilted at a 1/2% slope. This is the only way to be able to claim drainage per hour. Don’t let’em kid ya! If they don’t have this test ask them why?

    The AirDrain Agronomic Sports Field Drainage Systems 100% vertical and horizontal drainage capabilities that eliminates the need for a traditional base drainage system, such as herringbone trenching or flat pipe etc. only needing perimeter or exit drains.

    AirDrain brings 100% vertical drainage across your entire field, using gravity to pull and drain the water not needed. Sounds amazingly simple and effective because it is ! Arguably the 2 best fields in the NFL are on top of AirDrain ! 

    Watch Tim Peterson with the Arizona Cardinals on why he picked the AirDrain Agronomic Natural Grass Drainage for the stadium field!