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Artificial Grass AirDrain Drainage draining 5 inches of water

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Artificial Grass AirDrain Drainage draining 5 inches of water

After hearing that a competitor said our product just didn’t drain very well, and brought no shock pad characteristics. Seriously?

After we finished laughing, we thought let’s just show people and test this! Again still laughing.

What drains better than air! No other product comes close!

AirDrain Synthetic Grass Drainage Doubles as an unbeatable Drainage Layer and Shock Pad

Whether installed on an aggregate base, concrete or asphalt the AirDrain drainage grid helps give you a consistent GMAX across the entire field.

Bringing a tested 19.4% aggregate and a 14.7% concrete reduction in GMAX that is consistent for the life of the project.

The result is a more stable surface area and a more consistent GMAX across the project. All but eliminating infill migration and an inconsistent GMAX due to infill migration.

(A huge problem which can drastically affect the safety of the players on a project, putting owners in an extreme liability risk scenario).

Unlike traditional shock pads / e-layer the AirDrain is 1″ high, has a 92% air void. This unmatched vertical and horizontal drainage all but eliminates standing water even at a 1/2% slope.

No other product stacks and ships more compactly, reducing the number of trucks and the amount of fuel required to transport to the job site to 1 truck on a 95k sqft. project. Don’t forget to add up your shipping costs, AirDrain can’t be beat!

There is a big difference between real world drainage and some manufacturers claims of drainage where they run water through their product vertically held in the air and claim drainage per hour. Seriously?

AirDrain drainage can’t be beat by anyone’s product period.

AirDrain’s strength and durability allow it to be used under multiple turf replacements on the project. No other product on the market will last longer than the AirDrian! It will probably be around longer than the installers that installed it.

In a cost value and performance proposition there is only one choice, AirDrain!