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AirPave Grass Fire Lane and Porous Flexible Paving

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AirPave Grass Fire Lane and Porous Flexible Paving

AirPave is a flexible porous paving and grass fire lane, reinforced turf paving, temporary parking and swales. With over 400+ installations across the country AirPave grass paver has a strength of 233 psi unfilled, 6747 psi sand filled and is made of 100% recycled content which can contribute to LEED™ points.

We believe if done properly it will set up the grass paver project for the best possible result. 

AirPave grass paver porous flexible paving can ship more than 85,000 sqft. per truck load and 798 sqft. per pallet with each part weighing only 3.1 lbs. AirPave can save the owner up to $0.80 per square foot or more over our competitors.

CSI Master Format 32 12 43, 32 9200 and 32 14 43.