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Bunker Design with AirDrain at The Greens Country Club in OKC

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Bunker and Sand Trap Golf Drainage Design with AirDrain Drainage 

The Greens Country Club in Oklahoma City chose AirField Systems simple Sand Trap Drainage Renovation for their golf course drainage project. After a 3 year test of a few bunkers they went with all 52.  It was completed with minimal install time, and will drain perfectly for many years to come.

This golf sand trap design can be installed by the existing course grounds crew at their own pace. Drastically reducing the overall cost of the installs, making it a design that all courses can afford.

By raising the sand profile an inch across the entire floor it brings gravity into play draining the bunker. Effectively making the entire floor of the bunker a drain. The filter fabric and grid is only on the floor of the bunker. 100% vertical drainage across the entire bunker floor!

To answer the debate of clogging geo-textile filter fabrics see the Final Report from the 5 year Research Study at With the AirDrain Sand Trap System the entire floor of the sand trap is a drain of 92% air.

So even if a few feet of the bunker did clog over a 15 year span. You would have the remaining 95% of the bunker floor to allow for optimal drainage, by using gravity for optimal drainage to go vertically through the profile.

AirDrain Golf Sand Trap Design and Golf Course Drainage Construction at The Greens Country Club in Oklahoma City an amazing Golf Course that has invested capital in making it one of the premier golf clubs in Oklahoma.

Update 5/8/14

Superintendent text: Rained 1.5″ last night bunkers drained excellent and didn’t washout !