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AirDrain Quick Connect How to Install AirDrain Drainage

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AirDrain Quick Connect How to Install AirDrain Drainage



Proper Sequencing and Orientation of AirDrain GeoCell Panels for Rapid Installation

Pallet Staging: AirDrain pallets cover approximately 798 sqft. per pallet and should be staged accordingly within the installation area so that you minimize the amount of time to install the AirDrain grid along the install lines across the project. Typically placing the AirDrain every 65 feet across and 15-20 feet back from each other. (Call AirField with questions that you might have about proper staging and installation.)

All Installations must start in the Top Left Corner of the Field and work Left to Right to be installed properly.

1. Orient the AirDrain GeoCell materials with the integral indicator tab to the panel’s bottom left corner (painted yellow). Install the AirDrain units by placing units with the connectors and platforms up creating a flat surface for the profile above. If the male connectors do not fall or drop into the female connectors, then the orientation is incorrect.

Please call AirField Systems Immediately at 405-359-3775.

artificial grass, synthetic grass, fake grass, airdrain, drainage

2. Install the AirDrain panels across the field in a rowed pattern. Staggering of rows will allow for multiple row completion by a multi-manned crew.

3. Once the first row has progressed across the project, start with a second row. Have a person staging the panels in groups of three snapped together along the row. The crew can then install the left side of the panel while elevating slightly the top portion (so the male and female connectors don’t touch each other). Once the left side has been snapped with a pull along the row direction, the top portion should fall into place and with a bottom vertical pull holding the inside of parts 1 & 3 snap all three parts in place.

4. AirDrain panels can be shaped to individual field areas as needed with an appropriate cutting device. If a typical field is installed correctly there should only be two sides that would need to be trimmed.

A. If only a few parts need to be trimmed, use tin snips.

B. If many parts require trimming, set up a table and use a circular saw with a no melt, plastic cutting saw blade.

Visit AirField Systems Flickr page to watch a video of a 74,000 sq ft project for Chesapeake Energy illustrating a 3 man crew installation.


AirField Systems: 405-359-3775


DISCLAIMER: The preceding and following drawings and/or general installation guidelines are provided only to show a concept design for installation and are not instructions for any particular installation. These drawings and general instructions are not complete and are provided only to assist a licensed Geo-Technical Engineer, a Landscape Architect and/or Civil Engineer in preparing actual construction and installation plans. These drawings and instructions must be reviewed by a licensed Geo-Technical Engineer, a Landscape Architect and/or Civil Engineer and adapted to the condition of a particular installation site and to comply with all state and local requirements for each installation site. THESE DRAWINGS AND/OR GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT MODIFY OR SUPPLEMENT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, IF APPLICABLE RELATING TO THE PRODUCT.