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Artificial Grass Lawn Drainage with AirDrain

Artificial Grass Drainage with AirDrain.

With the growing trend of conserving water and reducing gas consumption from mowing many people have decided to utilize Artificial grass and synthetic grass for their landscaping needs. Using the Artificial grass not only eliminates the need to water and mow, but it provides the owner with a plush green lawn to enjoy year round. AirDrain provides a 1″ air void for drainage and air circulation to help keep the surface dry allowing water to flow through the artificial turf into the exit drains or adjacent areas.

If you decide that you don’t like the artificial grass in the future, there is no gravel to dig up. Or a compacted aggregate base affecting the vegetation’s ability to be healthy

This type of installation is family friendly and great for enjoying time outdoors.

The AirDrain Advantage

Benefits of an AirDrain Artificial Grass drainage system include:

  • AirDrain raises the entire profile 1” off the subbase and brings gravity into play
  • AirDrain’s 92% air-void space allows for fast and easy water removal
  • Consistent HIC and Gmax for the life of the AirDrain helping to provide a safe play area
  • AirDrain is a 100% recycled copolymer which has the impact modifier “metallocene” added to it for qualification as a “No Break” plastic, making it able to withstand extreme heat and cold and still maintain performance
  • AirDrain’s quick snap connectors allows for effortless installation
  • Minimal site disturbance, excavation and disposal
  • Compact shipping reduces transportation costs

For more information on how you can have a synthetic lawn like this call us at 405-359-3775